LED high bay light

LED high bay light


SinoStar Lighting full range LED high bay lights provide better lighting, reducing eye-fatigue, improve working conditions, and transforming the appeal of a space, from retail to warehouses to parking garages. At the same time, SinoStar Lighting high bay LED lighting fixtures bring increased energy efficiency to the workspace, increasing the return on your lighting investment.

LED high bay lighting is an energy efficient solution to unique high-bay environments which include warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, workshops, plants, supermarkets, distribution centers, sports fields, squares, public areas, airport halls, and construction fields. The SMD or COB LED light source from top brands, including CREE, Bridgelux, Osram, Sumsung, Nichia, Philips, and Epistar, offers low light decay, high lighting efficiency, high color rendering index (CRI), stable light color, no glare and more favorable visual health.

With COB (Chip on Board) technology, an array of LED devices are mounted directly onto the substrate. Chip-on-Board technology makes it possible for a considerably higher packing density than surface mount technology. This contributes to higher intensity and greater uniformity for the user.

As light is accordingly emitted from a single uniform surface, a natural lighting environment of even brightness in close proximity to that created by surface emission can be accomplished. Advanced light dispersion and heat sinking technology create optimal beam angles, lower glare, and high target efficiency.

Multiple beam angle options  (30°/60°/90°/100°/120°) are available to meet various applications based on lux requirements on the floor. For example, the 100°/120°high bay lights produce a wide light distribution to cover large areas of factory or warehouse floors, which cuts down the number of luminaires needed across the application. While the 30°/60°/90°lights can be added to narrow the beam angle for a more targeted distribution in aisles or corridors.

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